Blizzcon Goody Bag Backpack Limited Edition Exclusive (2017)

Enter the world of Blizzard and experience Blizzcon 2017! Extremely Limited Units Created | Collectors Edition
Overwatch themed with mystery accessories from other franchies (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm)
EPIC EDITION CONTAINS: x1 Backpack | x1 Badge Icon Pack (contains 6 game icon badges) | x1 Badge Booster Pack (contains 3 blind reveal badges) | x2 Blizzard Collectible Pins – Series 4 Pack | x2 Cute but Deadly Blind Vinyl – Series 3 (Overwatch Edition) | x1 Overwatch Backpack Hanger (Eidgenossin Mercy exclusive) | x1 Overwatch Backpack Hanger (blind reveal) | x1 BlizzCon 2017 Merchy Pin